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The goal of arena2r is to facilitate the analysis of Arena Simulation Software output in R.

This package will be usefull to you, if:

  1. You use Arena Simulation;
  2. You have seen yourself struggling to summarise Arena simulation results by hand at excel;
  3. You want to get your Arena Simulation Output directly to R and have a data.frame with all your results to run your analyses there seamlessly.

I have seen myself in this position many times and resolved to put together a package and stop doing repetitive work.


You can use arena2r online with the demo shiny app at:

Alternatively, you can install it in your R envinronment.


You can install arena2r from github in R with:

# install.packages("devtools")

Use the App locally:

After installing, load the library and run the demo app.




Please follow the instructions on this tutorial to use Arena2r.


The following functions aren’t available in the package, but are desirable. If you’re willing to contribute with this package, please considering working on these features:

Pull requests are welcome.