bcv: Cross-Validation for the SVD (Bi-Cross-Validation)

Methods for choosing the rank of an SVD (singular value decomposition) approximation via cross validation. The package provides both Gabriel-style "block" holdouts and Wold-style "speckled" holdouts. It also includes an implementation of the SVDImpute algorithm. For more information about Bi-cross-validation, see Owen & Perry's 2009 AoAS article (at <doi:10.48550/arXiv.0908.2062>) and Perry's 2009 PhD thesis (at <doi:10.48550/arXiv.0909.3052>).

Version: 1.0.2
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Published: 2023-05-19
DOI: 10.32614/CRAN.package.bcv
Author: Michal Burdukiewicz ORCID iD [cre, ctb], Patrick O. Perry [aut, cph], Seyed Morteza Najibi [ctb]
Maintainer: Michal Burdukiewicz <michalburdukiewicz at gmail.com>
BugReports: https://github.com/michbur/bcv/issues
License: BSD_3_clause + file LICENSE
URL: https://github.com/michbur/bcv
NeedsCompilation: yes
Language: en-US
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