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Installation from CRAN


Installation from r-universe

install.packages("duckdb", repos = c("", ""))

Installation from GitHub

# install.packages("pak", repos = sprintf("", .Platform$pkgType, R.Version()$os, R.Version()$arch))

User Guide

See the R API in the DuckDB documentation.


To build the bleeding edge of duckdb-r, you can clone this repository and run

~duckdb-r: R CMD INSTALL .

If you wish to test new duckdb functionality with duckdb-r, make sure your clones of duckdb-r and duckdb share the same parent directory. Then run the following commands

~ (cd duckdb && git checkout {{desired_branch}})
~ (cd ducdkb-r && ./
~ (cd duckdb-r && R CMD INSTALL .)

It helps if both the duckdb directory and duckdb-r directory are clean. If you encounter linker errors, merge both duckdb-r and duckdb with their respective main branches.


To build the R package, you first need to install the dependencies:

# install.packages("pak", repos = sprintf("", .Platform$pkgType, R.Version()$os, R.Version()$arch))

Developing with Extensions

If you wish to build or add extensions to the R package you first need to build duckdb with the extension_static_build flag. The following commands allow you to add the httpfs extension to a DuckDB R build. See the extension ReadMe for more information about extensions

cd duckdb/

Then in R, run:

con <- DBI::dbConnect(duckdb(config=list('allow_unsigned_extensions'='true')))
dbExecute(con, "LOAD '{{path_to_duckdb}}/build/release/extension/httpfs/httpfs.duckdb_extension'")

For more information about using extensions, see the documentation on extensions. For instructions on building them, see extension README.


Thanks to all contributors to this repository, and to those who contributed when the code was still hosted in the main duckdb/duckdb repository:

Mark Raasveldt, Pedro Holanda, Tom Ebergen, Reijo Sund, Nicolas Bennett, Patrik Schratz, Tishj, Laurens Kuiper, Sam Ansmink, Andy Teucher, Hadley Wickham, Jonathan Keane, Lindsay Wray, Richard Wesley, Elliana May, Edwin de Jonge, Dewey Dunnington, Carlo Piovesan, Andre Beckedorf, Tania Bogatsch, Pedro Ferreira, Maximilian Girlich, James Lamb, James Atkins, usurai, Ubuntu, Noam Ross, Michael Antonov, Jeroen Ooms, Jamie Lentin, Jacob, and Chilarai.