Smoother change tracking and versioning for R packages.

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Do you want to provide a changelog (NEWS.md) more informative than “bug fixes and performance improvements” (https://twitter.com/EmilyKager/status/1413628436984188933) to the users of your package?

Ways to achieve that are:

Using fledge is a discipline / a few habits that is worth learning!

What you need to do in practice is:

- Add support for bla databases.


- Add support for bla databases.


Also tweak the CI workflow accordingly. :sweat_smile:

For informative commit messages refer to the Tidyverse style guide.

These habits are worth learning!


asciinema demo

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Installation & setup

Once per machine

Install from cynkra’s R-universe using:

install.packages("fledge", repos = "https://cynkra.r-universe.dev")

Or install from GitHub using:


If you are used to making workflow packages (e.g. devtools) available for all your interactive work, you might enjoy loading fledge in your .Rprofile.

Once per package

How to get started?

Check out the general vignette vignette("fledge"), and for the whole game, the demo vignette vignette("demo"). Feel free to ask us questions!