goeveg R-package

Functions for Community Data and Ordinations

A collection of functions useful in (vegetation) community analyses and ordinations. The ordination functions work as an addition to the functions from the vegan-package.

Includes: * Automatic species selection for ordination diagrams based on cover abundances and species fit (ordiselect - function) * Generation of species response curves (specresponse - function) * Scree/stress plots for NMDS (screeplot_NMDS - function) * Rank-abundance curve plotting for single or multiple samples (racurve and racurves-functions). * Calculation and sorting of synoptic tables with fidelity and differential species assessment (syntable and synsort functions) * Taxa merging for taxa with identical names (merge_taxa - function) * One-step cleaning and transposing of vegetation matrices: (clean_matrix and trans_matrix - functions) * Conversion between cover-abundance codes and percentage cover (cov2per and per2cov - functions)

Furthermore some basic functions are included, such as standard error of the mean sem, coefficient of variance cv or conversion between degrees and radians deg2rad/rad2deg.