itscalledsoccer 0.2.2

Bug fixes 🐛

itscalledsoccer 0.2.1

Bug fixes 🐛

itscalledsoccer 0.2.0

What’s new ✨

itscalledsoccer 0.1.0

Introducing itscalledsoccer ⚽ 🎉

This is the first release of itscalledsoccer, a wrapper around the same API that powers the American Soccer Analysis app. It enables R users to programmatically retrieve advanced analytics for their favorite players and teams, with coverage of the following competitions:

We at ASA, have been working on this for the better part of 6 months and are super excited to release it. We hope it makes interacting with our data easier and allows people to build new and informative things.

What’s new ✨

Technically everything in the package is new, but we’ll highlight all the functions that are currently available and provide a brief description of what data they return. The package does take a couple seconds to initialize because we do cache some data at the start.

For more info on xGoals, xPass and g+, check out these articles:

Bug fixes 🐛

None, but if you do find a bug while using the package, please submit an issue.

Documentation 📚

We know our documentation is a bit sparse at the moment, but we plan on building it up and adding more examples over time. In the meantime, the API documentation should be a sufficient stop gap for specific functions.

Happy soccering!